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Designing a Micromouse

A micromouse is an autonomous maze-solving robot capable of mapping and solving a 16 by 16 cell maze. Our goal is to fabricate a mouse designed for competition.  The mouse's data-processing algorithm is able to generate the quickest and most efficient route to the center of the maze. The mouse will feature two modes to be used during competition. The “Discovery Mode” will map cells onto an array which will then be processed to output a string of commands for the mouse to reach the goal. In “Fast Run Mode,” the mouse will execute this list of commands at high speed. We will be using an ARM Cortex as our microprocessor that will control all of our peripheral equipment. Computer intelligence will utilize a modified flood-fill algorithm. Wall sensing will be handled by five pairs of 940nm infrared emitters and receivers, a pair of 30:1 DC motors equipped with paddle-wheel encoders capable of closed-loop error handling which will handle forward thrust and turning motions. Our team is dedicated to designing SDSU’s first complete micromouse.

Our Team

Nick Fileccia

Project Manager

Electrical Engineer

David Brooks

Power Point Manager

Electrical Engineer

Matthew Mummert

Parts Purchaser

Electrical Engineer

Edward Palma


Electrical Engineer

Eric Aquino

Web Design

Electrical Engineer


Five Electrical Engineers determined to design the best Micromouse San Diego State has ever seen

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PCB Designed and fabricated
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Mouse can run straight
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Mouse is complete
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